We are So-mo and we help people achieve social change through
engagement, collaboration and events

About us

We are a social innovation and engagement company that helps government, public, private and 3rd sector organisations to engage, innovate and problem solve.


The Team

We are a small team with a social conscience.  Every one of us is driven to continuously deliver outstanding work that inspires and ultimately exceeds...


Who we work with

So-mo has worked with a diverse range of clients ranging from government, local authorities, NHS organisations, police, RSLs and trusts.



    Meet Esko Reinikainen: heretic, hero & Shakespear’s fool !

    Esko co-founded The Satori Lab back in 2013 as a way to ‘fix’ government and public services. He also helps organisations navigate change, particularly the complex transitions required when society undergoes a transformational paradigm shift, in this case from the Information Age to the Networked Age.

    By Nicola Wass


    Cycle for 20 – A great Liverpool Community

    So-mo’s John didn;t get to go on our twenty effect bike ride but he was there on the day and now understand’s why our cycling community is so passionate about 20mph!

    By John Callaghan


    Driving down speeds – how Liverpool is using the wisdom of crowds to change behaviour

    Changing behaviour takes more than just a cleverly crafted marketing campaign. So-mo’s Nicola Wass explains how we are all influenced by others in more ways than you’d think

    By Nicola Wass

    So Mo Co (33 of 75)

    What is an Unconference?

    An unconference is an event with no pre-planned agenda. They’re sometimes also called ‘openspace events’ ‘bar camps’ or just ‘camps’. They are a great way for people with common interests to come together to share information and develop ideas so here’s everything you need to know before going!

    By John Callaghan


    Innovation Network – helping make Liverpool more awesome !

    So-mo is the lead partner in Liverpool’s Council’s Innovation Network. We made this short video to showcase some of the cutting edge work happening right here in Liverpool. As part of this work we also gave the Innovation Network a rebrand. Do you like the new Logo?

    By John Callaghan


    Don’t be Unlucky in Marketing!

    The ability to market your service well, literally has the power to transform the fortunes of your organisation. This free action packed, 1-day conference will provide you with a chance to hear from leading experts on how to develop effective marketing strategies and more importantly how to implement them.

    By John Callaghan