Everything we do at So-Mo starts with a need. The need to innovate, to solve a problem, to engage people in ‘good change’ or simply to help them connect and share ideas with others. And, because we are committed to making a huge impact, the people we work with achieve far more than they would be able to alone.

We do this by providing, innovation workshops and events, designing and delivering behaviour change activity and helping businesses become more responsive through business psychology. Ultimately helping them design services that provide the very best for their end user or customer.

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Public engagement and behaviour change

We love projects that create social good – whether it’s helping citizens be involved in decision-making or mobilising partners and communities in behaviour change, we bring a fresh approach that can be adapted to each project.

We also work across the UK,  training & mentoring local authorities helping them to be strategic in their approach and creative in their delivery.


Events with a difference

So-mo have established a reputation for delivering dynamic events that help people to connect, share ideas and collaborate.

Programmes to support innovation often focus their efforts on identifying innovators then nurturing their ability to generate creative solutions to practical problems. Our unconference style events are designed for people who are looking to promote a culture of innovation by helping them to build & cultivate networks. This ‘eco-system’ approach provides a way to problem- solve, diffuse new thinking and enable cross sector collaboration at scale.

Whatever the focus of your event, innovation or otherwise, we guarantee to deliver a day which excites, inspires but above all engages participants.

Service design and innovation activity

We design services that are built around needs of the people who use them.  This means observing and understanding the people who use those services in order to get a real  understanding of their needs.  We then apply design thinking to come up with new and innovative ways of solving problems and ultimately helping our clients create better services.

We also deliver innovation activity such as roundtables, co-design sessions and training.


Video & social media

Over the last 3 years we have used video as a powerful tool to communicate, feedback and inspire.  People liked our videos so much that they now ask us to do ones for them.  Content like this helps power your social media communications and drive viewers to your website.Here are some of our recent favourites:

This is just a sample of what we do, give us a call to find out more

  • 20th Jul, 2011