So-Mo Approved to Provide a Big Assist to Infrastructure Organisations


As Senior Consultant at So-Mo – and having the genuine pleasure of leading our third sector support and development work – I am pleased to announce that So-Mo is now a fully approved Big Assist provider … check out our So-Mo Profile.

Big Assist is a great fund that links infrastructure organisations in England with support providers that have the proven track-record and skills to help infrastructure organisations improve their effectiveness. I’m finding the fund is flexible and targets the key areas where organisations can experience difficulty, lack of internal capacity, or simply where a fresh pair of critical (but constructive!) eyes can be invaluable.

So-Mo offers support across five key areas through Big Assist:

  1. Innovation, new products and ways of working (e.g. business planning for a new service, or scoping out how to deliver more efficient ways to meet local need)
  2. Strategy, planning and managing change (e.g. developing strategic plans that clearly set out a forward direction, or pro-active change management frameworks)
  3. Financial sustainability (e.g. developing revenue projections, or identifying opportunities for income diversification)
  4. Strategic relationships and marketing (e.g. influencing decision makers, creating collaborations and consortia, or developing communication plans)
  5. Support and help to develop people and organisational culture (e.g. working with staff to achieve positive behaviour change, or working with trustees to shape organisational approaches)

Our first opportunity to provide support through Big Assist is with Wolverhampton VSC to help them build their capability to support local organisations, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve known the team there for quite a few years and I’m always impressed by their ability to think that little bit bigger and bring in innovative solutions to their members’ problems. We are also talking with other areas to see how we may be able to assist them to improve their effectiveness – so watch this space!

For an informal chat around how we may be able to help you with Big Assist, please call me on 0151 675 5031 or drop me an email at


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