Cycle for 20 – A great Liverpool Community


I had a great time at our Cycle for 20 event, I wasn’t able to jump on a bike and do the ride myself, which was a little disappointing – but working with Liverpool’s cycling communities was an eye opening experience.

We do a lot of work with many different communities across Liverpool when promoting the 20 effect, but the cycling community of Liverpool went above and beyond, bringing a real  energy and enthusiasm to the campaign.

Before the ride took place we had some activities to take place at Garston Urban Village Hall. We were glad to see it wasn’t just die-hard cyclists getting involved, we had a great mix of people signed up to do the ride, some of them even rode down from Southport just to show their support for this Liverpool programme. Sustrans set up their juicebike and offered out healthy snacks and Choose Freedom were on hand to offer bicycle maintenance advice, we had around 100 people at the activities in the morning.

Often when we talk about 20mph speed limits in Liverpool, the public reaction is supportive, most people agree with the idea and see it as a good thing. However, our cycling communities are passionate about 20mph – they love what they do and they understand the dangers of the road, not just for themselves but for everybody.

I’d like to say a special thank you to all the cyclists and supporters who made our ‘Cycle for 20′ day so good!

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