Innovation Network – helping make Liverpool more awesome !


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So-mo is a lead innovation partner for Liverpool City Council’s Innovation Network.  Which is an eco system of health and social care professionals, technologists, creatives and manufacturers who share a passion for improving the health and wellbeing of the city’s population.

Over the last 3 years So-mo has delivered the annual unconference, innovationXchange, run round tables and innovation activity on trend topics such as the internet of things, social isolation, gamification etc as well as delivering a highly successful challenge which saw a local partnership go on to win a national award for their innovative approach to solving social isolation.

However, sometimes when we spoke to the uninitiated it was hard for people to understand the impact this work was having on the city so we suggested to LCC that they let us make a short video demonstrating some of the great work happening under the Innovation Network banner.  Whilst we were at it we also oversaw the innovation Network re-brand and gave it this rather cool logo and new strap line.

It was a whole lot of fun to make.   Enjoy!





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