20 October 2015, Constellations, Liverpool

In the past three years, many great innovationXchange events  have kick-started new thinking and inspired new partnerships.

In the past couple of months, we’ve organised unconferences across Liverpool’s boroughs, in Sefton, Halton and Knowsley  – collectively seeking to answer the question “How can we help people to lead happier healthier lives for longer?”

20 October 2015 was a new milestone for innovationXchange’s rapidly expanding network – the Liverpool City Region unconference, held at Constellations in the heart of Liverpool’s creative quarter, the Baltic Triangle. Nearly a hundred people came together to connect, think about challenges, share insights and explore innovative solutions in health, social care and Technology Enabled Care Services.

It was an inspiring and creative day – as captured in this short film.

There was no formal, fixed agenda. Participants suggested and hosted sessions according to what mattered most to them and the other people in the room who shared their passion for improving services and making positive changes in health and care.

Participant-hosted sessions included:

  • Older people, relationships, loneliness & sex
  • Comedy Improvisation: Laugh, play & learn to innovate
  • Waking Nights, Sleeping nights
  • Getting out of the silo – the changes the Internet of Things will bring

This highly participative event enabled people to connect not only with like-minded others but also with people they would never normally come into contact with. Many participants observed that it is all too rare for members of Clinical Commissioning Groups and providers to come together and cross-pollinate good work.

Visual Minutes

We invited our friends from More than Minutes to make a record of all the brilliant conversations that took place, by turning our words into a work of art. You’ll find images of the minutes below, click on a poster to see it full size!



The Storify Story of the Day

Storify collated some of the best tweets, photos and videos from the day. You can view them here.

One word

At the beginning and end of the day we asked people for one word that summed up how they were feeling. This is captured in word clouds.

People arrived excited, curious and interested…..




….By the end of a long and intensive day, they may have been a little weary, but people were happy, informed and inspired.


This fitted with feedback from participants, who found the unconference model to be a really useful way to work differently – not only on the day, but when they return to their day jobs also.

As well as vibrant discussion, the high-energy day was complemented with wonderful performances by the Samba band from Halton Community Services and the Mersey Belles.

  • 24th Nov, 2015